3. Laps

Laps is an animation connected to the personal and meditive nature of being alone with your thoughts while swimming. This stems from my own experience of being in water. When your ears sink beneath the surface of the water, all you can hear is your own breath, similarly the practice of meditation require one to focus on their own breathing.
In my personal experience, being in water was some of the only time a day where I was not using some form of technology, which in turn meant that I was entirely alone undistracted.
Each of the icons in the animation begin as circles to imitate the circular movements on the pools surface, with each becoming an abstract icon, representing different pool elements such as, the shapes on a sign or the bunting above the pool. The animation was hand-drawn frame by frame, to replicate the focus on the process and is looped to imitate the repetitive nature of swimming laps. is an animation connected to the meditive nature of swimming and its connection to the inability to access technology. When your ears go beneath the surface of the water, all you can hear is your own breath. The intention of meditation focuses specifically on your own breathing. Attention span that is often lost through the use of technology can be regained through meditation. The animation was hand drawn frame by frame to reflect on the absence of technology.