Multidisciplinary designer with a particular focus on design for Moving image, Print design and illustration.
Experience working with clients such as Jameson Whiskey, Benecol UK and The Irish Musuem of Modern Art.
Always interested in collaborating with
other designers or artists. Likes hyper pop music, dislikes feta cheese.

First Class Honours, BA (Hons) Visual Communication, National College of Art & Design, Dublin. (2015 - 2019)

Winner of the first ICAD Student Design Award. (2020)
Winner of an Adobe Awards Top Talent prize in the Motion Graphics category. (2019)
Shortlisted for the Royal Society of Art
Student Design Awards, in Animation. (2019)
Awarded membership of the International Society of Typographic Designers. (2019)
Commended at the Irish design Institute 
Graduate Award in the Animation
Catagory. (2019)

Junior Designer, Thinkhouse (2021-)
Freelance Designer (2020)
ICAD Upstarts (2019)
SKMMP, Dublin. Design Intern (2018)



200mm x 100mm

Whitewashed is a publication about the mis-representation of nostalgia in regard to the public pool in American history. Throughout history the swimming pool has been viewed as a symbol of the American Dream. However, racial discrimination was one of the motives behind the nationwide popularisation of the private pool in America – a phenomenon that sky rocketed in popularity when public pools were desegregated.


Whitewashed aims to inform the reader of the history that has not been told. The stylised images are printed on paper that dissolves when placed in water, while the pages revealing the true social of the pool are printed on waterproof paper.